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CHINA JOY KEYBOARDS. CO., LTD. as an enterprise of electrical products developing,manufacturing and marketing, was established in 1998 with advanced technology,excellent equipment and strong production capacity.

There are a number of reasons why Metro, Argos, Target, Tesco and Kmart source our musical instruments. First, our products meet international quality and safety requirements - all electronic keyboards that leave our factory carry CE, RoHS, REACH and UL marks. And to provide you with an extra level of protection, we check our goods piece by piece prior to shipment.

Second, we have 10 designers expand by several new models annually.

Third, large output rounds it out-equipped with twelve production lines, we turn out 56,000 units every month. We can have orders ready for shipping in just 20 days, and we welcome orders for as few as 200 units. Join top retailers in stocking up on our musical instruments. Inquire today.




Model Area
'M' stands for Multifunction keyboards under 49key
'K' stands for 54key keyboards
'KL'stands for Keyboards with Light
'JK'stands for 61key keyboards
'WK'stands for Wooden keyboards
'DP'stands for Digital Pinaos

Functional Zone
'L'stands for Light
'M'stands for MP3
'D'stands for MIDI
'T'stands for Touch
'U'stands for USB-MIDI
'B'stands for Bluetooth